Pregnancy is Sexy!

It’s true! For the most part! Pregnancy sex isn’t sexy but there’s something sexy about being pregnant…the ‘firm’ belly period while you’re still comfortable between 5-7.5 months period. The time when people stop wondering if you’ve put on weight.
The other day I was walking to the bus….let me back track. I am 6 months pregnant with baby #2!

It took a while to get here and 2 miscarriages in 1 year…a little bit of infrequent trying – but there were some very stressful times happening in my life and my marriage. But relationship improved and here we are now!

So the other day I’m walking to the bus and people were looking at me in their cars-more men then women, from what I’ve heard a lot of men find pregnancy very sexy! And some were smiling, the sun was shining, and I jut felt very whole! I felt very strong and purposeful. It was a very good feeling! I definitely embraced that moment.
Please don’t think that I think the whole process of pregnancy is sexy-coz I don’t!


Attachment parenting

I’ll admit it…we co-sleep! And for the most part we love it! I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before I come from the school of “children are in their room and most definitely in their bed”. When I got pregnant I figured we had to move. We were in a one bedroom and were going to need two! Also, we were on the fourth floor with no elevator…that wasn’t happening! So we moved to a great two bedroom…with an elevator! 😛
Here’s the thing-having a baby changed me! Not completely, but pretty close! Some changes for the good and some…made my not so great quirks more apparent. After my daughter was born, while still in the hospital, I noticed the change. The first night after my last visitors left I lay down on the hospital bed holding my baby in my arms and as they walked out the door, they said “don’t go to sleep like that” I replied “no no, of course” and I went to sleep. When my husband arrived, we put her in her bassinet thing beside the bed and he got in bed with me and we fell asleep. When the baby woke in the night, we fed her and while all still in bed we fell back to sleep; I recall hearing the nurse come in to check on me saying “you shouldn’t do that”. And prebaby I would’ve completely agreed but once she came out I changed!
My girlfriend had lent me her bassinet so we had her in our room (instead of in her crib in her room) and again, I was hooked! Hearing her breathe…seriously I was hooked! Needless to say, I did want her in her crib and in her room, and despite the numerous opinions of others (which didn’t really bother me coz we didn’t have a problem with it obviously-it only bothered me coz the opinions were ongoing for a while), we felt it was time to transition her over. She actually did quite well! The ‘problem’ happened about six or nine months old, when my chiropractor suggested that if she was waking in the night coz she was hungry or couldn’t get back to sleep, instead of keeping ourselves awake trying to settle her, to just bring her into the bed with us when she woke. At that was the beginning of the end! Lol!

Working mom’s oldest story

Going to work is great! It keeps me in the loop, provides me and my family with an income, stops me from going crazy :), is why I went to school, and I enjoy it. It is a juggling act to find time to fit everything in – and maintain some ‘me’ time, though I have been knitting again. However (same thing as saying but, but it doesn’t sound as bad…does it?) I miss my daughter, my husband, going with the flow of day to day, creating fun things to do, cleaning, and I don’t think I worried as much when I was home. I wish I could afford (maybe by winning the lottery) to stay home. On that note, I have created another blog and soon to be website! As I work towards my goal of working from home, I am starting my private counselling career (while still working full time). I have begun with a blog, and will be starting e-counselling in the spring. E-Counselling is also known as online counselling, Cybercounselling, and/or online therapy. At this time I will not be using Skype, but maybe I will eventually if there’s a demand. I find the Skype’s connection isn’t always 100% 100% of the time.

As a registered Social Work I know that I have the skills necessary to work collaboratively with most clients to reach their goals – whatever they may be, and wherever they are in their life.

If you’re interested in learning more please email me at:

Cute factor ante up

Things just got cuter at my house! The other day “the baby” started nodding in agreement! It’s adorable. When you ask her a yes/no question she’ll do a little head nod! It’s extremely cute! She’s very verbal as it is and has quite an extensive vocabulary. People and doctors have remarked on it frequently. The little one also has a great memory-I have noooo idea where she gets it! My memory stinks! In August we went to a cottage with the family in Dorset and went to visit a family friend at her cottage for lunch. She has a dog-I think it’s a Irish water dog or something….I better look it up before my mom reads this post and corrects me! 😉 Ok, it’s not an Irish water dog (she’ll correct me). Anyway, her dog’s name is Rosa and has big black and grey patches/markings. So on the weekend I bought her a alphabet word book and in it is a picture of a large cocker spaniel with the same markings and she points to it and says Rosa. I thought that was a pretty good memory!
The little one is also really getting eating using her cutlery to feed herself which is great too! She’s digging that spoon in! Children are amazing to watch and when you do you can learn so much more about the world around you-I think anyway!

A lid on my obsession…

…well one of my obsessions anyway! As you have read, sleep has been very important. My daughter sleeps well but can be tough to put to sleep and even at 19 months wakes once a night-which is not a big deal for us. I often say “how many times do you wake in a night? I wake at least 2 or 3 times”. Nonetheless, she’s been on that routine for a year now. But, as is the way for almost everyone, a rested child is a more agreeable child which means a more enjoyable time for me-however long the attention span! 😉
Well, many many moons ago we found an app for the iPod where you can keep track of diaper soiling, feedings, and sleeping. I got hooked on it from the hospital. They give you this 7 day chart to keep track of all time to make sure the baby is doing what it should e doing. Well we liked it so much we did it for a month and then decided to do it for another month and another…I did want to stop but my husband liked it too so we kept at it like crazy maniacal anal nervous parents!!! 😀 Well then we found the app and the rest is history. Until now! I am so proud of me… it’s the little things…I haven’t used the app in 4 days! I quit cold turkey of tracking her sleep! Which is really the only thing I was keeping track of for over a year. Now I just look at the clock (like a ‘normal’ person lol)! I know I’m crazy but I got hooked on knowing how much sleep she was getting-it was like a drug! Well no more! She’s no longer an infant-I know she gets the sleep she needs and what she’s like when she doesn’t and what to do about it! Really I’ve known for well over a year I just couldn’t pull myself away! Lol!

Next thing to conquer…work!

The cold continues

As day 2 approached I noticed a rash on one cheek and redness on the other. Uh oh, teeth! When she first got her teeth it didn’t seem to be too bad (or maybe because they were so far apart we didn’t put two and two together between the crying and a tooth coming) but in the past month she’s gotten three teeth and I definitely notice a trend. A red cheek signals that within a day or two a tooth is coming.
Day 3 of the cold was the cough getting worse and drooling…which she has done once around 6/7 months. I figured she was drooling because she couldn’t breath. Well off she went to sleep at 8 o’clock only to get up 2 hours later screaming and crying for almost an hour to which we decided ‘screw it’, get her some warm milk and children’s acetaminophen. I gave her 3 ml. and within 5 minutes she was back to sleep until 7 this morning. I’m not sure if the tooth came through yet-she wouldn’t let me look in her mouth! 😛
Today’s day 4 of the cold and aside from the cough and a little clinginess and fussiness she seems good-playing and choosing her clothes. Pyjamas!
I can certainly relate to her teething pain. Though I don’t remember teething (would be weird if I did), I did wear braces and recall the pain when they put them on and would periodically tighten them! Torture!!!

I’m off to work and must must must work on my masters application today!

Vicks, Kleenex, and boogies!

I have a sick baby!!! For the past 3 weeks she’s gotten a random runny nose for an hour or so…but she’s also gotten 3 new teeth. Today, however, is definitely a cold. When I was leaving for work yesterday, there was a sneeze accompanied by a snot bubble! As the day wore on my mom told me that she was ok but cranky with a runny nose. Poor thing. Well, today we had plans to go for lunch with a friend…we had to cancel. 😦
Throughout the night the little one was snoring away and waking about every hour because her nose was blocked. Babies (and I’m guessing toddlers too) breath primarily through their nose. Last night I tried an old remedy treatment that had worked for me and I hoped would work for her…it didn’t, since she woke with more thick fluid running from her nose (and now with colours) and a cough! I tried slathering her feet with Vicks vapour rub and then covering them with socks. We went and bought the special Kleenex with lotion in it-she likes her nose to be cleaned but I don’t think she’s noticing the lotion!
Well, it’s not even 11am and she’s down for the count! Maybe she’ll take two naps today!

Time for my nap too! Enjoy the beautiful day!

Here’s a late summer shot!