Bottles, diapers, sleep training…what?!

So, it’s come to this.  Not only am I obsessed with my daughter but all I can think about is sleep!  At least I’m not alone! 😛

My daughter is now 6 months – she’s my first!  She’s incredible.  The first couple of months I wasn’t sure at all what I was doing, but then the smiles  starting coming and then it just got better and better!  Now I can’t imagine going back to work…but I will be in January!  Ugh! I’ve been ‘keeping’ another blog which I started when I started knitting a few years ago.  When I got pregnant I slowly stopped knitting – hands hurt to much – and started writing about being pregnant and then about my daughter.  Well, I figured it was high time I started a new blog, along with the rest of the moms, to share with you the wonders of the biggest learning curve around – having a baby!

I’m posting some ‘old’ entries from my previous blog to bring this one up to ‘baby’ date and then we’ll just go on together.   Let’s see where my obsession takes me!


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