April Fool

I don’t have any pranks, tricks, or jokes – just couldn’t think of a good title! 😛

I’m sitting at my computer quietly typing away as my baby sleeps in the baby bjorn strapped to my body.  I’m playing ocean sounds on youtube to keep her in a state of blissful sleep.  Apparently, babies go right into the REM cycle and for the first 25 minutes of sleep are easily woken.  As we have a dinner to get to in an hour, I’m trying to keep her sleeping for 30 minutes – this way she will have passed from the easily woken cycle (25 minutes) into the deep sleep cycle (another 25 minutes).  I have become a temporary slave to my daughter!

She really likes to be held, which is wonderful – but then I can’t do anything.  I know I shouldn’t always hold her but right now…as they say, you can’t spoil a newborn!  Having her in the baby bjorn allows her to ‘be held’/close to me, and keeps my hands free to get some “work” done (tidying up, emailing, ect) and then once she’s fast asleep I lie her down and then I lie down.  Next week, she’ll be 6 weeks and we’re going to start sleep training her.  I’m not quite sure what that is (the clear definition) but basically we’re going to put her down before she’s asleep and if she cries we’ll let her cry for 5 minutes or so, so she can start to develop the ability to self soothe.  Right now she sleeps in a bassinet in our room and we’ll keep it that way for a bit longer, but self soothing is important for her growth, development, and future ability to deal with life.  We won’t get into the psychology of child rearing here but there’s also the topic of delaying gratification.

Anyhoo, it is definitely hard hearing her cry when she’s upset as we can’t fix it.  But like any new parent, we run through the list – wet? hungry? bored? overstimulated? hot? cold? tired? overtired? gassy? Lately it’s been overtired.

I’m approaching my 30 minute mark so I’ll be going! Take care!



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