Slave to a six week old

Yes it’s true! I’m a slave to a 6 week old! It’s 2:28 am and I’m standing in the dark in my living in my pj’s with my baby strapped into the baby bjorn which (as previously mentioned) is strapped to my body. I’m thumbing away on my apple itouch and swaying back and forth & side to side so she’ll go to sleep and in turn I’ll go to sleep. She got up at 12:45 am and my husband changed her and I fed her. She was fussy and didn’t seem ‘in the mood’ to sit still and take her bottle. After an hour she was still wide eyed and being held was apparently not on her agenda. I laid her in her crib and that lasted about ten minutes. Then I made another bottle and she didn’t want that. My husband finally got up and took her but… she didn’t want that. I thought maybe laying down beside me and not being held might do the trick. So, we got in bed. After ten seconds her eyes started to close! Yes!!! She was going to fall asleep and so was I! Wishful thinking! She quickly opened her eyes and started to cry. Maybe she has gas? So, out came the gripe water. And as a final solution… the back breaker! The baby bjorn was put on at an ungodly hour to ensure my daughter would go to sleep! Sure enough as I thumb away on the touch screen, she’s sleeping. Now I have to pee! Well, off I go to the bathroom baby et al! You can come too!

Here lies the next question-sit and fall asleep on the sofa or stay awake long enough to put her in her bassinet and crawl into bed, wait till round 4 where I tap my husband on the back and say ‘babe, your turn’!


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