Twenty days old and growing!

Hello blogging world!   Let me first say, that we had a beautiful baby girl on February 24th weighing in at 6 pounds 7 ounces.  I had the epidural – and will definitely do it again! 😛

Let me tell you about my adventure.  On February 22nd I went for my last ultrasound and they found that my amniotic fluid was low and they also saw a 6cm by 6cm mass outside my uterus near my liver.  So, my OBGYN said she wanted to induce on the 25th and they would deal with the mass after my delivery.  Because the mass was outside my uterus it posed no risk to the baby.  My husband and I were very excited!!! We were going to have a baby that week!  We didn’t have much time to make sure all our t’s were crossed and i’s dotted.  My official due date was for March 3rd (according to the doctor, March 1st according to me), so I was going to be a bit early and certainly wanted to be prepared! On the 23rd I got all my phone calls taken care of and errands done.  I finished and put away all the laundry and then stopped to have lunch.  About 30 minutes after eating, I felt very sick.  I started having excruciating pain in my abdomen that wasn’t stopping.  I knew it wasn’t labour because labour comes in waves.  I started throwing up and managed to call my husband at work and have him sent home.  My mom also called me while he was on his way but I was in agony and told her to call him – I just couldn’t concentrate on the pain and talking to her!  By the time my husband came home the pain had been going on for over an hour nonstop, and he & my mom wanted me to go to the hospital but I couldn’t walk because of the pain.  So…an ambulance took me down.  I’d never been in one before, and though it was a bit bumpy it was kind of cool! 🙂  Once we got to the hospital I was sent right up to labour and delivery where they proceeded to tell me I wasn’t in labour.  D’uh!  I told them  I knew that!  I had now been in constant excruciating pain for almost 3 hours!  By the 4th hour they gave me morphine – they said because I wasn’t in labour it was safe for me to take as it wouldn’t affect the baby.  By 10 pm, we were waiting to find out if I was going to have an ultrasound to see if the pain was associated with the mass.  I was comfortable as the morphine I had taken at 6pm was still working.  I told my husband and mom to go home and I would keep them posted.  Well,  at 11:30pm the pain came back with a vengeance but… it was coming in waves.  The nurse took a look at told me that I was 2 cm dilated and was in labour! Whoohoo!  She said I was feeling the pain because the morphine had worn off and did I was an epidural.  Yes please!

At 2am I texted my husband to tell him that we were going to have a baby that day (the 24th) and he came right back down (he wasn’t able to sleep anyway, as he was worried about me).  By 5:30 a.m. I was 7 cm and messaged my dad to tell him that we may have a baby by 9 a.m.  The doctor came in at 10 a.m. and noticed that the baby’s head was facing up and for a proper delivery babies heads need to face down.  So the doctor put her hand in and started to turn the baby’s head while I pushed!  An hour later it was time to start pushing her out and after 30 minutes out she came!  My husband was a great coach, my mom (who had arrived at 10:30 a.m.) watched the whole delivery, and because the hospital I was at is a teaching hospital I had 2 doctors, 2 nurses, and 2 interns in the small delivery room with me!  It was very busy!!!

They put the baby on my chest and then gave a quick bath and handed her to my husband while I tried to push out the placenta.  Well, after about 25 minutes I couldn’t push it out myself so I went off to the operating room where the doctor pulled with one hand and the nurse pushed down on stomach to ‘deliver’ it.  If you recall, I went into the hospital with agonizing abdominal pain so the nurse pushing felt like a jagged knife being driven into my stomach and tearing its way through.  It was awful!  After all that, I was placed in a recovery room where my dad, mom, and husband showed up with my beautiful daughter.  I sent my husband home to rest and I recovered.  On the 25th (Friday) I went and had an ultrasound and a CT scan to find this mass and see if it was causing my problems.  Well folks, the mass was gone!!!  No one knows what it was or where it went but it’s gone!  They figure that the pushing to get out the placenta could have broken down whatever it was.  We went home on the 26th and that is my story!

I feel like I’ve recovered and now we are learning about our daughter as she learns about us and herself.  It’s a real learning curve and it’s great to have the support of family, friends, and of course my husband!  I tell you, it’s weird to go from being an independent working woman to a stay at home mom with stay at home mom duties!  Now that I have a daughter I feel different, and am completely in love with my husband!  He’s changed too!  He feels the added sense of responsibility,  the love, the joy, and he races home just to see her!



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