A questionable adventure

Hello strange world! I have no idea where new moms would find the time to blog everyday or how in the U.S. you’re back at work within 3 months. Between being tired (though not nearly as much as in the beginning) and being ruled by the total crazy upheaval that is a first born, my life – my time – is completely turned around! I plan my day around my new schedule! Her routine, and working within it, is not only important for me to maintain it but it makes things easier. I’m not going to plan to go out at the same time I know she’ll be ready to go down for a nap because she’ll be cranky and miserable and then I won’t enjoy myself! As she’s growing I’m learning! Being a moderate type A personality I can tell you that the need for organization, schedules/plans, and a well thought out to do list isn’t possible with a baby! That has so far been one of the most frustrating lessons… I never know what’s next! I’m learning to go with the flow more and have to accept that right now I can’t do everything I’d like to do in a day! Some babies are easier-don’t want to be held a lot; some babies are harder-cry all the time; bottom line is, in the beginning you’re working around them! I’ve had so many people say-oh, the first six months are the worst! Don’t worry it gets easier after that! At least I know I’m not alone!

So, the other day I went to my first mom and baby group! It was really good! I enjoyed it! My daughter was one of 6 other baby girls and one boy. The youngest was 3 months, 3 (including mine) were 4 months, there were two 5 month olds, and a six month old. There were toys and songs and of course conversation! We talked about some frustrations and some cures for gas 🙂 Then at the end we sang some songs! I’ll go back! The women seemed nice and I’m looking forward to the next one!

At one point I had to change her and she was crying and there was another baby being changed beside her, and she put her hand out to my daughter so she would stop crying. It was very cute.

Tummy Time

And now… for the questionable adventure part of my post.  So, last weekend my sister-in-law, her husband and their 4 kids (9 years down to 6 months) moved to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.  Why?  No, not for work.  No, not cause he’s from there.  No, not with their religious group or for religious reasons.  No, no, no, whatever you are going to ask.  A simpler life – maybe.  The REAL answer none of us are really sure why.  They’ve been there for one week.  Their flight left Toronto 2 hours late and therefore they missed their connecting flight and had to sit at the connection for 6 hours instead of 3.  When they got to Ethiopia, they could not find/retrieve his computer (which he needs for work – with it he was going to be able to continue to work for his employer that’s based here through the internet) nor could they find/retrieve the baby’s playpen/crib.  As the week has gone by, some progress has been made – the kids have been enrolled in school for when it starts … September?  We’re hoping they’ll be home by Christmas.  😛

p.s. UPDATE they came back 2 days after I wrote this – safe and sound in Canada!


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