Burning Eyes

Have you ever been so tired that your eyes feel cold and like they’re burning?  That’s how my eyes feel right now!  The grey rainy weather certainly doesn’t help.  My wee little babe is 9 weeks old now and sleeping longer at night…but we’re not as lucky during the day.  Some days she takes a few good naps during the day, and some days she doesn’t.  The days she doesn’t lead me to desperation when I turn to the babybjorn so I can get things done and hopefully get her to sleep.  My days have turned into me thinking, calculating, and planning when poops, naps, feedings and how much, happened and will happen.  Do I eat lunch?  Nope!  Do I bathe or brush my teeth? Not usually! 😛  But with each day brings more smiles, more eye contact, more pleasure and comfort in my new role, and more confidence that I’m getting the hang of things.  It’s amazing that amidst all my worries and concerns (and 20 years of child care experience), it’s my husband who says “don’t worry, we’re doing everything right, and it will be ok.  Just  be patient.  She’s a baby and getting adjusted”.    I call the doctor when I notice her poop looks more like snot then poo.  I call the doctor when her poop is watery.  I call the doctor when she toots.  I call the doctor to prescribe me some ativan! 😉  Actually, all I’ve really been taking is extra-strength tylenol and going for massages.

I started doing yoga this past weekend and am hoping that with stretching, heating pads, and constantly reminding myself to lower my shoulders that my back will start to feel better.  Bit by bit I want to get my body back in shape!



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