The Mother of all inventions?!

So, I’ve spoken before about the baby bjorn which my daughter loves but I nor my husband love! It hurts my upper back if I wear it longer than 10 minutes and it hurts my husband’s lower back. A couple of weeks ago – Mother’s Day weekend- my mom, daughter, and I went to Montreal. While there I went to a store called Bummis to get a new baby bjorn that had some kind of back support. Well this store won’t sell this product since it does cause a lot of back pain. And I mean, beaucoup. Everyone I know that has one or has used one complains of the pain. The store clerk showed me a front carrier called beco baby carrier. It’s organic cotton and the one I bought is brown with a print on the front of different colour flowers and has this ‘lid’ that goes over the baby’s head and snaps to the shoulder straps to protect from weather or anything. So, I put my daughter in it… hated it! But I loved it! I noticed a difference right away! The relief of back pain! Don’t get me wrong… I’m still carrying a baby!!! But I don’t have the same strain. If I go for a long walk my back does still feel sore but not like the muscle pain from wearing the baby bjorn for longer than 15 minutes! Apparently she hated the baby bjorn at first too. So, we practiced by putting her in when she was happy or to go for a walk or for just a few minutes. Well, there is success she seems to like it now. However, I can only wear her in it in the house for about ten minutes before she gets upset whereas the baby bjorn I could just wear in the house wih her quite happy or go outside. She seems to prefer the beco as an outside mode of transportation. Anyway, what brigs me to this post is that I had to go and get the laundry and she needed to go down for a nap but was quite fussy and as much as I tried she wouldn’t conk out. I knew the beco wouldn’t cut it for the relief we both needed so in a moment of quiet desperation I put on the baby bjorn and within literally two minutes she was out like a light. I went downstairs and got the laundry and yes now my back is sore. Hey, at least she fell to sleep! 😉


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