Sleep habits of the insane!

Some babies are easy sleepers – go down at 7pm and sleep till 7 am, almost right away.  Some, wake hourly and some are light sleepers.  I’m really not sure where my daughter falls in there.  We’ve done the ‘hold for 25 minutes’ thing to ensure she’s sleeping before putting her down.  We’ve also done the put her down after she’s sleeping thing – that didn’t work in the beginning.  Wakes right back up.  Now, we can do it.  We live right near a fire hall and though she’s a relatively light sleeper, the sirens don’t bother her.  Now, at 6 months, she goes down about 6:30pm till 7:30am and wakes twice to eat – which really isn’t bad at all!  But over the past couple of months, her sleep habits have become my obsession.  “She should sleep all night”, “don’t hold her”, “let her cry”, “my baby sleeps all night – give yours cereal before bed”.  The cereal thing doesn’t work by the way! 🙂

Well, as a new mom I was in search of how to make it right!  It didn’t dawn on me, until after trying a form of sleep training that I need to follow my gut.  What feels right is what is right!

Let me quickly rundown sleep training.  There’s CIO (cry it out) where you leave your baby to cry for a set time that you increase after each time you go in to ‘settle them’.  I know people who have done this and they’ve ended up letting their baby cry for 11 hours the first night, 7 hours the second, 3 the third, and then by the fourth night the baby slept without waking.  Wouldn’t you just go to sleep if you didn’t think anyone was coming to make you feel better?  Anyhoo, CIO wasn’t for us!  We just couldn’t do that to ourselves.  Then there’s pick up /put up, where you go in and settle by picking baby up and then putting down, and you keep going back in – when baby cries you go in and settle and repeat.  (CIO, you go in after 5 minutes, then wait 10, then wait 15 and so on).  Then there’s the no cry – when baby even thinks to start to cry you settle them.  My mom wonders ‘what ever happened to just putting the baby down and closing the door?’.  All these techniques (aside from, do what feels right) are for those parents accustomed to getting up every hour or two 24 hours a day.  Can lack of sleep make you insane?  I think so!  Why have I been looking into these techniques? Well, I’ve been under the impression that babies should go down easy and sleep through the night.  I’ve assumed that we have a problem with sleeping with our daughter.  We don’t.  More often than not, she can be a bit of a challenge to put down but as she’s growing she’s coming into her own better sleeping habits.  For the most part though (and for the past few months) she goes down for 10 – 12 hours and wakes twice to eat.  I’ve finally realized, and been told, that that is not a problem.  So why have I become so obsessed?  I think being a first time mom has made me more neurotic than I already am! 😉

More to come on sleep in the coming posts! *yawn


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