It’s hard to believe that I’m a mom and a mom to a six and a half month old! It still feels like a dream. Then again a lot of the momentous events in my life, both good and bad, still feel like a dream-not always a good one but certainly not like a reality. I barely remember being pregnant! Until I read my journal! Always keep a journal! ;-). I certainly remember my labour though! Lol! I can laugh about it now!
So, my daughter is halfway through her first year of life. She’s learnt so much and I through her. It’s been quite incredible watching her grow and it makes me proud to see her learn new skills. For instance, she lets me know when she’s tired and I put her down and she goes to sleep. She lets me know when she has to poo so I put her on the toilet…it’s certainly cut down on the amount of diapers we use. I think she’s a genius!

Just kidding by the way about her going to sleep without effort and using the toilet! That’s just me dreaming!


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