So once your child turns one they are no longer considered a baby. Let me just say before I go on, that my grandfather called my cousin (who’s 16 years my junior) ‘the baby’ right until he passed away -and she was eight! I have another friend whose daughter is 5 and gets confused if you ask her where the baby is (she only has the one). Ok, after one they are a toddler until the age of 3 at which point they become a preschooler-when I look at my daughter I can see the little person, the little girl growing! It’s true she’s no longer a baby! 😥  And after she’s had a great nap and/or a really good sleep she wakes up looking different, like she’s obviously grown! She’ll always be my baby! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, watching her grow and learn and absorb is amazing. And though it’s gotten easier to physically leave to go to work everyday, it hasn’t gotten easier to leave her!
Since I last posted I’ve finished my tuesday nights of my gerontology program and in the fall will start on the thursday nights – 3 more courses then I’m done! I finished the last class with an 81 which is good but if/when I get into my masters program in 2013 I’m going to have to try three times as hard! The college level classes seem easy-all three classes got me an 80/81! I’m smart but not an A student so… I also started the first class of my Solution Focused Therapy course. Apparently it was the last course of the program! Ooops! 😛  It’s a great program. It is hard though switching what I’ve always done to trying to incorporate a solution focused principle to my job. Instead of providing the answer/solution, I really need to be able to guide the individual(s) to find their own solution. It is hard to not just jump right in!


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