Well with all that life has to offer to a working mom of a toddler, I’ve decided to add a little more. Yesterday I finally started the application process for my masters program (scary!), and registered for my fall class in gerontology, and have decided to really make a conscious effort to see friends at least monthly…so get ready, I’ll be calling on you very soon! I’m also going to be trying to set up monthly dinner dates with other couples too! This morning I spent an hour on the phone with Toronto parks and rec to get my daughter registered for some fall programs. I got two done – fall and winter indoor play group two days a week but couldn’t get fall swimming as it was full! Boo! I’ll try again later.

This past weekend my mom was in a craft show selling her most recent creative passion, lampshades, at the Cabbagetown craft show. My husband and I went down with the baby to visit but also to visit the farm. My daughter paid a lovely visit to the cows trying desperately to call one over! Lol!


On Friday my daughter ran up to me, hugged my leg, and said “love”! How sweet and …as usual, delicious! Yesterday she climbed out of her crib, so time to turn that crib into a bed! My husband didn’t want to put her in it last night for fear she’d climb out again! He likes to err on the side of caution. These past 18 months have really been a whirl wind for me (for born my husband and I actually) but I really see that I’ve changed a lot! I’ll get more into that another day.

Well I’m running late for work, and I’ve got a very big day ahead-a social work student is coming today to start her practicum, my (hopefully last new boss) started last week and she’s…well I’m getting adjusted, I have information sessions to give and a new resident to tend to!

Bye for now!


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