Vicks, Kleenex, and boogies!

I have a sick baby!!! For the past 3 weeks she’s gotten a random runny nose for an hour or so…but she’s also gotten 3 new teeth. Today, however, is definitely a cold. When I was leaving for work yesterday, there was a sneeze accompanied by a snot bubble! As the day wore on my mom told me that she was ok but cranky with a runny nose. Poor thing. Well, today we had plans to go for lunch with a friend…we had to cancel. 😦
Throughout the night the little one was snoring away and waking about every hour because her nose was blocked. Babies (and I’m guessing toddlers too) breath primarily through their nose. Last night I tried an old remedy treatment that had worked for me and I hoped would work for her…it didn’t, since she woke with more thick fluid running from her nose (and now with colours) and a cough! I tried slathering her feet with Vicks vapour rub and then covering them with socks. We went and bought the special Kleenex with lotion in it-she likes her nose to be cleaned but I don’t think she’s noticing the lotion!
Well, it’s not even 11am and she’s down for the count! Maybe she’ll take two naps today!

Time for my nap too! Enjoy the beautiful day!

Here’s a late summer shot!



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