The cold continues

As day 2 approached I noticed a rash on one cheek and redness on the other. Uh oh, teeth! When she first got her teeth it didn’t seem to be too bad (or maybe because they were so far apart we didn’t put two and two together between the crying and a tooth coming) but in the past month she’s gotten three teeth and I definitely notice a trend. A red cheek signals that within a day or two a tooth is coming.
Day 3 of the cold was the cough getting worse and drooling…which she has done once around 6/7 months. I figured she was drooling because she couldn’t breath. Well off she went to sleep at 8 o’clock only to get up 2 hours later screaming and crying for almost an hour to which we decided ‘screw it’, get her some warm milk and children’s acetaminophen. I gave her 3 ml. and within 5 minutes she was back to sleep until 7 this morning. I’m not sure if the tooth came through yet-she wouldn’t let me look in her mouth! 😛
Today’s day 4 of the cold and aside from the cough and a little clinginess and fussiness she seems good-playing and choosing her clothes. Pyjamas!
I can certainly relate to her teething pain. Though I don’t remember teething (would be weird if I did), I did wear braces and recall the pain when they put them on and would periodically tighten them! Torture!!!

I’m off to work and must must must work on my masters application today!


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