A lid on my obsession…

…well one of my obsessions anyway! As you have read, sleep has been very important. My daughter sleeps well but can be tough to put to sleep and even at 19 months wakes once a night-which is not a big deal for us. I often say “how many times do you wake in a night? I wake at least 2 or 3 times”. Nonetheless, she’s been on that routine for a year now. But, as is the way for almost everyone, a rested child is a more agreeable child which means a more enjoyable time for me-however long the attention span! 😉
Well, many many moons ago we found an app for the iPod where you can keep track of diaper soiling, feedings, and sleeping. I got hooked on it from the hospital. They give you this 7 day chart to keep track of all time to make sure the baby is doing what it should e doing. Well we liked it so much we did it for a month and then decided to do it for another month and another…I did want to stop but my husband liked it too so we kept at it like crazy maniacal anal nervous parents!!! 😀 Well then we found the app and the rest is history. Until now! I am so proud of me… it’s the little things…I haven’t used the app in 4 days! I quit cold turkey of tracking her sleep! Which is really the only thing I was keeping track of for over a year. Now I just look at the clock (like a ‘normal’ person lol)! I know I’m crazy but I got hooked on knowing how much sleep she was getting-it was like a drug! Well no more! She’s no longer an infant-I know she gets the sleep she needs and what she’s like when she doesn’t and what to do about it! Really I’ve known for well over a year I just couldn’t pull myself away! Lol!

Next thing to conquer…work!


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