Cute factor ante up

Things just got cuter at my house! The other day “the baby” started nodding in agreement! It’s adorable. When you ask her a yes/no question she’ll do a little head nod! It’s extremely cute! She’s very verbal as it is and has quite an extensive vocabulary. People and doctors have remarked on it frequently. The little one also has a great memory-I have noooo idea where she gets it! My memory stinks! In August we went to a cottage with the family in Dorset and went to visit a family friend at her cottage for lunch. She has a dog-I think it’s a Irish water dog or something….I better look it up before my mom reads this post and corrects me! 😉 Ok, it’s not an Irish water dog (she’ll correct me). Anyway, her dog’s name is Rosa and has big black and grey patches/markings. So on the weekend I bought her a alphabet word book and in it is a picture of a large cocker spaniel with the same markings and she points to it and says Rosa. I thought that was a pretty good memory!
The little one is also really getting eating using her cutlery to feed herself which is great too! She’s digging that spoon in! Children are amazing to watch and when you do you can learn so much more about the world around you-I think anyway!


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