Working mom’s oldest story

Going to work is great! It keeps me in the loop, provides me and my family with an income, stops me from going crazy :), is why I went to school, and I enjoy it. It is a juggling act to find time to fit everything in – and maintain some ‘me’ time, though I have been knitting again. However (same thing as saying but, but it doesn’t sound as bad…does it?) I miss my daughter, my husband, going with the flow of day to day, creating fun things to do, cleaning, and I don’t think I worried as much when I was home. I wish I could afford (maybe by winning the lottery) to stay home. On that note, I have created another blog and soon to be website! As I work towards my goal of working from home, I am starting my private counselling career (while still working full time). I have begun with a blog, and will be starting e-counselling in the spring. E-Counselling is also known as online counselling, Cybercounselling, and/or online therapy. At this time I will not be using Skype, but maybe I will eventually if there’s a demand. I find the Skype’s connection isn’t always 100% 100% of the time.

As a registered Social Work I know that I have the skills necessary to work collaboratively with most clients to reach their goals – whatever they may be, and wherever they are in their life.

If you’re interested in learning more please email me at:


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