Attachment parenting

I’ll admit it…we co-sleep! And for the most part we love it! I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before I come from the school of “children are in their room and most definitely in their bed”. When I got pregnant I figured we had to move. We were in a one bedroom and were going to need two! Also, we were on the fourth floor with no elevator…that wasn’t happening! So we moved to a great two bedroom…with an elevator! 😛
Here’s the thing-having a baby changed me! Not completely, but pretty close! Some changes for the good and some…made my not so great quirks more apparent. After my daughter was born, while still in the hospital, I noticed the change. The first night after my last visitors left I lay down on the hospital bed holding my baby in my arms and as they walked out the door, they said “don’t go to sleep like that” I replied “no no, of course” and I went to sleep. When my husband arrived, we put her in her bassinet thing beside the bed and he got in bed with me and we fell asleep. When the baby woke in the night, we fed her and while all still in bed we fell back to sleep; I recall hearing the nurse come in to check on me saying “you shouldn’t do that”. And prebaby I would’ve completely agreed but once she came out I changed!
My girlfriend had lent me her bassinet so we had her in our room (instead of in her crib in her room) and again, I was hooked! Hearing her breathe…seriously I was hooked! Needless to say, I did want her in her crib and in her room, and despite the numerous opinions of others (which didn’t really bother me coz we didn’t have a problem with it obviously-it only bothered me coz the opinions were ongoing for a while), we felt it was time to transition her over. She actually did quite well! The ‘problem’ happened about six or nine months old, when my chiropractor suggested that if she was waking in the night coz she was hungry or couldn’t get back to sleep, instead of keeping ourselves awake trying to settle her, to just bring her into the bed with us when she woke. At that was the beginning of the end! Lol!


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